We supply games for pubs, clubs and leisure business specialises in manufacturing and supplying pay-to-play gaming machines to pubs, members' clubs and holiday parks in Wales and the west of England from our base in South Wales.

We supply, install and maintain everything from digital jukeboxes and quiz machines to fruit machines, pool and snooker tables, video games, boxing machines and coin-operated rides. We can add value for our customers by offering innovative online games for screens in customer venues as well as other smart technology to help boost income too.

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How we work
– ethically

We make sure we supply machines and equipment that comply with the Gambling Act (2005). We can also advise our customers on regulations to help pub and club managers avoid unnecessary licensing headaches.

That way they can get on with the business of keeping their customers entertained.

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What we do for landlords

We know the income pubs and clubs gain from gaming machines is a vital part of their business so when anything goes wrong support is on hand. Our installers and maintenance staff will always go the extra mile to help.

We're not just about fruit machines and quiz machines, we bring landlords added value by supplying technology that can help boost income and pull in the crowds.

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Help is at hand

We understand that if you have a broken machine it isn't earning money. That's why we have a support number that you can ring to get an engineer out to you as soon as possible. Most problems can be fixed on site but if not we'll replace it – we carry a stock of emergency machines so this will be sorted out as quickly as possible.

In addition, many of our electronic machines can be fixed online. We can install new software, upgrade games and music and sort out glitches remotely for an even speedier fix!

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